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I’m a freelance Director of Photography, based in the Washington DC area, with over 15 years of experience as a shooter and editor.  I work on a wide range of projects for diverse and exacting clients.  It is not unusual for me to start my week shooting a corporate promotional video, employing a dolly, jib and grip truck, and to end my week shooting live interviews at the White House for one of Washington DC’s national or international news broadcasters. I work with most HD formats from Sony and Panasonic (NTSC and PAL), and have embraced the exciting new HD DSLR movement.  I frequently edit projects for both corporate and broadcast clients. I’m equipped to edit for rapid turnaround and multi-format distribution -- from both on the road and at home.

Need a larger crew, or multi-camera coverage?  I have a large pool of trusted professionals that I regularly team with to provide a full range of production services.  If you are producing a corporate event or promo, a documentary, a news feature, or broadcast series, I can help you get it covered.  For government clients, I carry a Duns number and Snap-Zoom Productions is a registered CCR company.  I accept all major credit cards as payment, and carry comprehensive insurance coverage -- glad to say I’ve never had to use it.  Want a reference?  Feel free to contact any client listed on the following pages.

I have always remained flexible in how I work and can adapt my production gear and assemble a team to suit your budget and vision. I bring to all of my clients professionalism, energy and, above all, a passion for beautiful pictures and great story-telling.  Select the tabs at the top of the page for more...

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Snap-Zoom Productions

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Robert Cherouny, DoP